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Join It-Distribute It-Convert It-Reencode It

The GV1-2010 is the first of its kind when it comes to performance and ruggedization for a deployable, configurable and user-friendly Radio-over-IP gateway (RoIP). The GV1-2010 was designed, engineered and developed in-house at CISTECH Solutions and we continue to update the GV1 firmware as technology evolves, ensuring that you will always have top-tier, feature packed equipment that will support you when you need it the most.

A description of 'Radio-over-IP Gateway' will never encapsulate the full capability of the GV1, as it not only provides legacy radio integration, but it can mix streams, re-stream, transcode, re-encode streams and provide you with a completely integrated and deployable voice solution.

The GV1 is the most user-friendly Radio-over-IP gateway available today, with most users not needing a user manual to get their network up and running.

The latest firmware release provides new features and improved performance. Some of the newest features are:


When an organisation purchases a new suite of communications equipment, the immediate thought is that it will require a 'forklift upgrade' - a complete remodel of the current communications structure. This can be an incredibly expensive undertaking, and, in most cases, the previous suite of equipment can provide the voice service required. The newest firmware provides AMR codec integration, so more traditional voice radios can integrate into your digital network and participate with next generation equipment.


With the GV1's new codec functionality and Payload Mapping, the GV1 can help digitize your branch, agency or organisation for a fraction of the cost. Payload mapping allows for configurable codec interoperability with bespoke and non-programmable equipment types, increasing usability and reach for your current equipment suites.

Interoperation between multiple different pieces of equipment is now possible by mapping each channels codec type and transcoding them into one, significantly enhancing your voice capability and reach.


Legacy VHF / UHF radios create a background static during transmission which can decrease voice clarity and make efficient and effect transmission of data difficult. The newest firmware brings in a higher level of noise cancellation for integration with legacy radios and will remove most (if not all) of the background static from a VHF / UHF radio within the first 500ms of a transmission. Now you can communicate with any legacy voice radio with a level of voice clarity not attainable before.


Changing TalkGroups is now as simple as pressing a button. With 5 TalkGroups available, a long press on the up or down button on the face of the GV1 will change your voice channel, as well as deliver a voice prompt for the newly active voice channel. The introduction of hot-swappable resources within TalkGroups allows users to dynamically change the configuration of TalkGroups and resources regardless of the state of conversation and can update mid-transmission. A cross-flash protection mechanism is another new feature introduced to protect your equipment, ensuring every firmware update is a smooth process.

The GV1 brings a new meaning to the words Radio-over-IP gateway, and can bridge your traditional voice radios onto IP enabled systems with minimal engineering and minimal cost. Contact us at for more information or check out the GV1 specifications sheet here.

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