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Communicate Further

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Persistent Systems have released a 10W module for the Wave Relay MPU5, meaning more communicative power in a single device. These devices not only provide additional power output, but also improve the signal performance and increased noise immunity in cogested and contested RF environments.

The seamless upgrade will mean the end user should not notice a difference in form factor, weight or heat production, and will only notice the increased performance and reliability. The upgrades performed on these radio modules will ensure that navigating congested urban / city environments with constant strong interfering signals is only becoming simpler.

The 10W S-Band modules are available now, and the L-Band modules are on pre-order now.

We've got our 10W modules, have you got yours? If you're looking for a quote on cashing in your 6W modules or if you're a first time buyer, contact us and we're happy to help.

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