Galvion adheres to its singular purpose: “We are passionately committed to providing leading-edge soldier systems solutions and equipment for mission-critical military and tactical use worldwide.” 

Galvion is a solutions provider specializing in protective equipment—primarily protective eyewear, armor, and head systems—along with newer innovations in power management and integrated systems. With robust design and development expertise, extensive experience, significant investment in efficient, high-volume manufacturing, and vertical integration, Galvion is driven by a fundamental and powerful idea: delivering protective solutions that save lives. This ethos is embraced by employees at every level and across every department within the Company. Galvion's mission is built into every Company effort, activity, and product line. It fuels Galvion's product development, design, and R&D efforts. 


Protonex Squad Power Manager

The SPM-622 supports a wide range of military applications by enabling the operator to maintain constant operability of radios, satellite phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices – regardless of power source.


ipm_1 (2).jpg

The Individual Power Manager is the next generation of rugged, intelligent and portable power management. Smaller, lighter and more streamlined, the IPM seamlessly supporting a wide range of missions and shifting user demands.


Protonex Advanced Battery Charger

The intelligent plug-and-play Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8) system automatically evaluates connected power sources and adjusts charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time.