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The weight and complexity of powering soldiers on the modern battlefield is something that needs a lot of consideration. In order to increase situational awareness, operators today are part of a mobile network of users and platforms – radios, NVGs, GPS, smart phones, laptops, drones – and although these devices have become more efficient, there are a greater number of them required during demanding operations. Along with that comes the associated challenge of powering all of these devices with multiple and numerous batteries, across long distances and for extended durations. The Nerv Centr® power supply and management suite of products addresses the increasing need to store, deliver, harvest and share power in order to significantly reduce the physical weight that operators face on the wired battlefront.

The Galvion solutions work independently to get the job done, or in tandem for extreme power needs. The SoloPack™ II energy module is a super high density unit that is the same size and weight as a 30 round magazine, and can provide enough energy for up to a 24-hour mission for a high tech user. The Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) is a compact, rugged power management solution with intelligent software that allows the users at the squad and individual level to power a variety of equipment and recharge batteries with no reprogramming required. Our endlessly customizable Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8) can charge multiple batteries through custom-made adapters suited to the mission, while automatically evaluating the power source and adjusting charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time. 


Squad Power Manager

Built around a suite of intelligent power management algorithms, the Squad Power Manager (SPM-622) can power equipment and recharge batteries simultaneously.


Solopack II Battery

Small, lightweight and energy-dense, this next generation model is designed to support operational power needs and for short duration missions of up to 24 hours.


Power and Data Hub

Galvion Power and Data Hub (PDH-2) is designed to support a variety of soldier-worn systems that are commonly used today.


Power Usage Hub

The Nerv Centr Power Usage App is an integrated capability for the Galvion Power & Data Hub (PDH-2) that helps operators and tactical leaders monitor and manage their mission power demands in real time. 


Mission Adaptive Charging Station

The intelligent plug-and-play Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8) system automatically evaluates connected power sources and adjusts charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time.


Solar Charger Kit

The Galvion Solar Panels are lightweight, durable, and extremely portable. They can be carried in the rucksack, and quickly recharge batteries.

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