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Unique for its software-only approach and compelling for its unmatched functionality, flexibility and performance, WAVE connects and extends the IP-centric enterprise and the mobile workforce using two-way radio systems, smartphones, desktop IP phones, PCs and industry-standard unified communication and collaboration applications.

The De Facto VoIP Platform
WAVE is widely regarded as the de facto Voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform for deliveringRadio-over-IP (RoIP) for two-way radio integration and interoperability. As a distributed,peer-to-peer architecture, WAVE provides a highly secure and scalable platform, optimised for integrating and transporting voice, video and other vital business information. WAVE has no single points of failure and provides robust, real-time unified communications across IP and non-IP networks and devices. WAVE’s unique architecture, game-changing functionality and SDK-enabled developer environment sets it apart from yesterday’s hardware-based proprietary alternatives.

Rich Functionality Yields Higher Performance
WAVE has achieved its market-leading position by delivering more performance and greater functionality than any other solution, and its battle-tested core communications platform provides unmatched system availability and failover capability. Innovative Push-to-Talk (PTT) over 3G/4G LTE for smartphones and tablets redefines the value of PTT for teams of users regardless of device or network. And native support for IP telephony platforms and radio systems, such
as MPT-1327, Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ and Kenwood’s NEXEDGE™, ensure rapid, seamless integration in missioncritical communications environments.

Cost-Effective, Software-Only Technology
WAVE is the industry’s only pure software solution dedicated to providing unified voice communications across both
office-based and mobile workforces. Whereas other technologies require proprietary, vendor-supplied server and data-network components, WAVE operates on off-the-shelf, industry standard hardware. This approach enables greater deployment flexibility, lowers acquisition costs and preserves prior investments in network, server and desktop infrastructure. Multiple Ways to Access and Consume Critical Communications.

WAVE has numerous clients for PCs, desktop IP phones, enterprise applications and smartphones to meet the needs of all types of user. WAVE server components are installed on standard off-the-shelf PC hardware and become an integral part of your IP infrastructure. And since you may likely have specific deployment specifications, or require programming interfaces unique to how your organisation operates, we offer a WAVE SDK to support custom client development and integration.

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