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Vidterra LLC is a video technology start-up focused on developing software products that allow businesses and governments to get more value from the hours of reconnaissance video they generate each day. 


Vidterra specializes in video software development and focused counsel. The Vidterra platform and associated tools are intended to alleviate recurring challenges pertaining to video management so that individuals and organizations can focus attention on other priorities.


The Vidterra experts can guide system implementation decisions and provide direct support to critical missions. Video system performance and interoperability can be challenged by a vast array of nuanced factors. The goal is to increase the operational efficiency of customers by taking the complexity out of enterprise video deployments.


Hardware: RUCK

Vidterra RUCK is a portable touchscreen device for hosting APEX software instances. RUCK combines hardware and software interfaces to streamline rapid video diagnostics and simulation for field applications.


Software: APEX

Vidterra APEX is a software platform for ISR video asset management, diagnosis and testing. APEX is designed to perform complex video tasks without requiring complex video know-how.

Software: COMPASS

COMPASS makes video distribution simple by using intelligent software to replace complex network routing.

Each COMPASS instance automatically discovers, compresses and delivers video in multiple formats to/from remote users.

Create a video sharing ecosystem by linking together remote instances to monitor and orchestrate videos from a central dashboard.

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