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CISTECH Solutions has partnered with Southwest Antennas to provide you the antennas you need to strengthen your communications. Southwest Antennas focuses on use of antennas in a real world environment, meaning their antennas are designed for the stresses of operational use outside of sterile lab conditions. SWA specialise in the manufacture and design of broadband RF antennas and accessories, as well as Microwave antennas, both of which are critical today in audio, video and data communication environments.

Southwest Antennas Military
Southwest Antennas Ultra Flex Antennas

SWAs portfolio consists of over 1200 antennas and accessories, for a variety of different requirements including military, government and commercial RF and Microwave applications. The SWA engineering team have mastered electrical and mechanical techniques in antenna design meaning they can provide antennas that can survive harsh, operational conditions, keeping you connected when it matters the most. SWA provide a two-year performance warranty on all of their products.

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