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GV1-2040-Desktop Release

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Introducing the GV1-2040 Desktop, created in house at CISTECH Solutions to provide enhanced capability to GV1 users. The GV1-2040 leverages off the power of the GV1-2010 in an industrial design.

Provided with the GV1-2040 Desktop will be a smart handset, acting as a complete system controller. This handset will allow you to change channels, manage settings and have complete control over your GV1 and it's connected radios with just the press of a button.

The latest edition of the GV1 family includes the same simplified management interface while providing an increased port capacity with up to 4 radio interface ports. At CISTECH we provide solutions that can adapt to any situation, and the GV1-2040 is optimised for operation in harsh environments that require TCP/IP, VoiP and analogue Voice integration.

Contact us or visit the GV1-2040 Desktop page for more information.

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