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Create Your Tactical Advantage

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

In this world of increasing technology tactical soldiers and first responders seem to be carrying more instead of less. Overloading these integral members of Defence and emergency services departments is an easy way to create injuries and minimize effectiveness on the front line. We provide a solution that solves this problem: fewer cables, fewer batteries, fewer worries - without ever sacrificing capability.

Voice, Video and Data

The Wave Relay MPU5 is the world's most efficient, scalable MANET network, which provides a flat Layer-2 network for all your users. Have a fully capable smart radio, you can decrease the amount of equipment you have to carry so you can focus on the task at hand. Deliver mission critical data where it needs to go, enabling leaders to make decisions faster.

The MPU5 thrives in complex RF environments, where your communications have never worked before the MPU5 will move your data even faster.

Integrated with the Dual-PTT, your first responders can have access to sixteen TalkGroups, as well as a hands free full duplex talk group for intra-team communications. Instead of detracting from the effectiveness of the person on the ground, the Dual-PTT increases capability with less equipment.

Situational Awareness

Using Juggernaut smart cabling and the Dual-PTT providing power and data, you can minimize dangerous cable runs through quick release body armour, and still maintain Situational Awareness with an End User Device of your choice. The EUD will connect seamlessly with the Wave Relay MPU5, allowing access to all voice, video and chat that is presented through the network.

Power Management

The heaviest items that are carried on extended deployments, or even short missions are water and batteries. Often, crucial items are discarded to ensure enough batteries are carried for an operation. With the Protonex Vest Power Manager, you can power all your devices off the one battery of your choice, be it a conformal battery worn within the plate carrier, or a rechargeable BB-2590. The VPM provides capability to scavenge power off any available source (ie. a solar blanket, cigarette lighter in a vehicle, battery clamps) to charge your attached battery.

With all the Protonex devices (VPM and SPM), you can conduct post-mission profiles to track your power usage. This means that you can accurately estimate the number of batteries required for each mission, instead of overestimating and overloading your weight. Grams add up to kilograms, and we want to reduce load carriage, and increase your capacity.

RoIP Integration

Gone are the days that radios need to be carried on each person to be accessible. With the Wave Relay MPU5 RoIP integration, you can access legacy voice radios from any where in the network. Simply attach your in service radio to the RoIP port of an MPU5 and choose the TalkGroup to associate to that radio, and any member on the network with access to that TalkGroup can transmit and receive on that radio.

No longer do you have to dispose of old radios to upgrade your network, integrate your older radios with the Wave Relay MPU5 enhanced capabilities. Attach your AN/PRC 117G with a 20W amplifier in a helicopter and use the Wave Relay MPU5 RoIP extension capability to extend your MPU5 voice network over another bearer.

Contact us for more information on how we can reduce your agencies load carriage, and increase your capability on the ground.

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