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Actually Doing More With Less

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The old adage of doing more with less doesn't mean that we actually have to do less with less. Thanks to the Voyager Tactical Data Centre (TDC), we can achieve more capability with less physical equipment. 5 more Tactical Data Centres are on their way to a new home to help optimise deployment and save costs both in logistics and the resources required to deploy enterprise capabilities.

This isn't just one data centre, this is 5 data centres.

Whether the scenario is field based or a temporary commercial installation, no longer do we need to ship 40ft containers with servers, networking, UPS, and air-conditioning in order to achieve an enterprise solution.

The TDC has been designed to withstand harsh environments so you can take your data forward to the edge with you. The system has been proven to withstand vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, blowing dust and freezing rain.

Developed by one of our key partners, Klas Telecom, the TDC has revolutionized deployment of strategic level communications. The TDC is the first and only rapidly deployable enterprise-grade compute and data storage network system that fits in an airline carry-on-sized roll-away case.

Recently, a US Army Division has employed the TDC in a proof-of-concept exercise, configuring the device to replicate their network and air-dropped the system via parachute to set up operations on the ground and gain immediate access to all the services required to complete their mission.

Vehicle mounted TDC with a Voyager 8 below

To those on the receiving end of this shipment.... we hope you enjoy.

For more information, please contact us.

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