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Join the Wave Relay® Ecosystem

Introducing the most advanced, most scalable, and most efficient Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system in the world, now in a SWaP-timized form factor: the Embedded Module. Integrate the Embedded Module into your products to unite UAVs, UGVs, and sensors on a single network. Because the Embedded Module features an HD video encoder and Android™ computer onboard, eliminate redundant equipment from your platform.

The Embedded Module unites your unmanned system’s communication, computing, and video subsystems into a single SWaP-timized package. Replace separate and specialized equipment with a single Embedded Module that performs the same functions but takes up less space, weighs less, consumes less power, and costs fewer dollars and engineering hours to integrate. Leverage your SWaP savings to accomplish what matters most: the mission, time on station, and the payloads you carry.

By integrating the Embedded Module into your unmanned systems and sensors, you turn them into networked assets. Each system with an Embedded Module extends the Wave Relay MANET, allowing your users to access services - such as video or sensor data - on any node from anywhere. In addition, unmanned systems and sensors from multiple manufacturers can now communicate on a common network, giving your products more opportunities to perform.

The Embedded Module brings your unmanned platform into the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, where all UAVs, UGVs, sensors, and systems are networked. MPU5 radio users can now operate your platforms, watch your video feeds, and steer your cameras. By establishing a network of unmanned systems, swarming, autonomy, and collaborative behaviors are now possible. The sky is no longer the limit.


Integrated Antenna


Multi-Band Tracking Antenna

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