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Extend Coverage. Maximum Performance.

The power of the Wave Relay® MANET integrated directly into an antenna extends the enterprise to the edge over large geographic areas.

Integrated Sector Antennas enable the creation of fixed coverage over massive geographic areas. Cover all your assets on the ground with the power of the Wave Relay® MANET – from military bases and wildland firefighters to the border patrol and port/maritime security, the Integrated Antenna Series keeps you connected.

Mount Integrated Antennas in less than five minutes. Mounting brackets accommodate pole diameters up to 2 in. (Sector) and up to 3 in. (Directional) and use standard fasteners that require no specialized tools.


Integrated Directional Antennas are designed to form a high-capacity backbone from the TOC and deliver Enterprise capabilities to the network edge. The high gain and precise beamwidth of the Integrated Directional Antenna enable high throughput and range to create robust point-to-point links to deliver reliable backhaul connectivity to the area of operation.


Say “no more” to complicated and excessive cabling issues when installing your antenna. Transmit power and data to the antenna using a single Ethernet cable and get the full power of the Wave Relay® MANET with no gain loss from multiple, long RF cables. Cover your team with the power they expect, up to 23 dBi of gain. More power means each antenna blankets a larger area with coverage.

No need to climb or bear harsh weather for configuration changes, frequency changes, and power settings. These settings can be adjusted directly from the Power Distribution Box, which sits at the other end of the single Ethernet cable at the base of the tower.


Radio Modules

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