Our business is delivery of solutions that fit your needs, from a small scale / single site to an enterprise deployment. Our goal is to fully understand your requirements before we start and to keep you involved through the project to ensure we are meeting your outcomes.

Our support staff are also involved in the design and installation phase, ensuring that they have a detailed understanding of your system and how it operates. This means when you need support you not only get a highly trained support team, you will also get someone who has seen your system in operation.

CISTECH can provide a number of network solutions for your company. Check out a few of our network solutions below and for more information, send us an email and we'd love to explore a personalised solution for you!

Wave Relay RoIP Gateway

The Wave Relay MPU5 RoIP interface is designed to provide gateway access to legacy communications systems for the team operator. This reduces the burden of load carriage by allowing an operator to access a different radio network from a single headset via a gateway radio attached to the network.

Multiple gateways can be implemented and the MPU5 network will intelligently select the best gateway for entry and exit.

This solution is team focused and requires the communications to be generated from the MPU5 network and as such, the attached gateways cannot be accessed by IP based consoles on the network.

Wave Relay Voice Extension

Using the Wave Relay MPU5 RoIP interface, multiple teams can communicate between each other via the system RoIP tether to allow for continued voice communications between teams where IP based communications links are not viable.

LMR Voice Range Extension

Using the Wave Relay MPU5, you can extend your legacy voice networks through complex environments and using BLOS bearers to be able to communicate further than ever before without replacing your whole communications suite.

Radio Over IP With GV1 2010

The GV1-2010 is a network based RoIP gateway that provides the ability to attach a legacy radio system to the network, at the network level. 

This scenario allows for network wide access to the attached gateway and can be communicated with from any endpoint in the network including IP based console systems.

Radio Remote with GV1

The best place for the radio is never the best place for the operator. Utilise your existing IP infrastructure to remote actual radios away from the operator. The GV1 can be powered off PoE from your existing switches and when two devices are configured on a common talk group, the operator can be anywhere on the network.

GV1 Remote.png

Multicast - Unicast - Multicast

Multicast is an efficient means to transport voice over a network with many users, but not all networks or bearers support multicast or have the capacity for wide band IP services.


The GV1 products can subscribe to multicast and convert to unicast, whilst transcoding to lower bandwidth CODECs to ensure delivery over constrained links. Conversion back at the other end means optimal delivery in every environment.

GV1 Voice Link.png

Radio Over IP With Klas VoyagerEMm

The VoyagerEMm module is built on the same technology as the GV1-2010 and is designed in the Klas Telecom modular form factor to allow easy integration into your Voyager based solution.

The VoyagerEMm provides 4 ports of LMR integration and again is accessible from any point on the network. Network based communications protocols include SIP, Unicast, and Multicast and the VoyagerEMm can also transcode voice CODEC, and translate transport protocol, to provide a hardware based communications module capable of mixing and delivering voice communications anywhere in the network.

Headless LMR Voice Integration

Voice as a service should be accessible anywhere on the network, without line of sight limitations. With our MANET Command Environment application, and the Voyager EMm's Radio over IP integration capabilities, voice services on LMR systems can be provided in any environment, anywhere in your network.

Run your Operations Centre inside while routing all your radio systems outside, or simply drop each deployment's size, weight and power requirements by removing the requirement for a server with our headless voice solution.


UAV Range Extension with MPU5 Embedded Module

By leveraging of the smaller size and weight  of the MPU5 embedded module, communications capabilities can be added to airborne platforms for increased coverage.

Covering difficult terrain environments now becomes easy by leveraging off the altitude of the UAS to connect teams of operators where traditional coverage may not have been achievable. 

Cloud Relay Layer-2 Extension

Using Cloud Relay, we can extend your deployed networks at the tactical edge back over your choice of BLOS network to allow multiple deployed networks to communicate seamlessly without need for extra configuration. 

Cloud Relay extends the Layer 2 network to provide the worlds biggest network switch and seamlessly connects between teams if they converge via RF or are disconnected causing data to traverse the BLOS network.

Cloud Relay allows for extended reach communications at reduced cost by transporting all IP protocols including Multicast data, over terrestrial or satellite based networks. The choices are endless.

A Tactical, Deployable, Strategic Network - All In One

By integrating elements of the above solutions, we can provide high capacity, flexible networks that self heal, over a multitude of bearers, and have full access to communications from anywhere in the world.

Access to these communications can be via any of your existing technology or through new and enhanced capabilities, to create a heterogeneous communications bubble scaled with Voice, Video and Data processing in a modular form factor that allows you to grow as your needs grow.

No more forklift upgrades.

Voice / Data Communications on-board Ship

If you have ever worked in communications or been responsible for a communications solution, you will understand that subterranean and complex environments such as ship board communications can be the most difficult to achieve.

The following data was taken from a trial performed on a rescue ship with live streaming video, voice, and data being delivered between all points on the ship concurrently.

Operators were able to freely move around the ship and maintain constant communications capability with the bridge at all times. Whilst in this case, only 5 radios were deployed to cover the entire ship, additional radios could be employed to provide additional resilience to the network should a single node be powered off. 

This concept can be extended to cover inter ship communications as well, enabling staff to communicated between ships from all levels.

CISTECH Solutions Ship Trials.jpg