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MaCE v3.3 Release

Serverless TalkGroup Patching - Video Re-Streaming - Onvif Discovery - PTZ Control - and much more.

MaCE 3.3 has now been released containing new capabilities, simplifying command and control in all deployment scenarios. With embedded features including;

  • Unicast and Multicast voice,

  • TalkGroup encryption,

  • TalkGroup patching,

  • Instant replay,

  • Video camera PTZ control,

  • Video recording and

  • Video re-streaming,

  • Wave Relay bi-directional SNR,

  • Onvif camera discovery, and

  • GV1 discovery and configuration.

MaCE can provide interaction with technical devices throughout your area of operations, without the need for a server. A server-less single pane of glass interface to your network for visualization and communication.

TalkGroup Encryption

Users can now securely communicate across the network on both Unicast and Multicast transmissions. Encryption of the voice payload using AES-128, 192, and 256 ensure that man-in-the-middle interception of Multicast voice communications is not possible. Provide compartmentalized communications on common network infrastructure for reduced deployment requirements, or simply for peace of mind. Visual indication via a red shield allows easy identification of TalkGroups with security enabled.

Encryption is compatible with:

  • GV1-2010 RoIP Gateway,

  • GV1-2040 RoIP Gateway,

  • Oi Contact Android PTT application, and

  • Klas Telecom EMm RoIP module.

Voice TalkGroup Patching

Simplified patching between TalkGroups allows rapid transformation of your communications environments and bridges the gap between different providers, without the need for additional servers.

TalkGroup patching allows up to eight TalkGroups per patch with no limit to the number of patches created. Individual TalkGroups may be members of multiple patch groups but can only be activated in 1 patch group at a time.

Patch groups can contain different RTP resources including Unicast and Multicast and will transcode the audio CODEC between each resource.

MaCE Patching allows remote operators to join local Multicast audio streams and patch into enterprise systems such as the Motorola WAVE 5000 via a Unicast Trunk. This capability bridges the gap and allows the convergence of complex audio solutions such as the MPU5 OPUS to WAVE Communicator for total system voice dissemination.

Video PTZ

Take control of multiple PTZ cameras in a single interface via control buttons on the screen or a gamepad controller.

PTZ control has been implemented into the Video component of MaCE and currently supports ONVIF and PELCO-D protocol. To select a camera for PTZ control, check the PTZ Camera checkbox in the video settings and select the control method used.

PELCO-D integration is supported through a direct serial connection, or remotely via Serial over Telnet (RFC2217) and is compatible with the Persistent Systems MPU5 Serial capability.

PTZ cameras controlled by gamepad can be connected at any time and can alternate between cameras. Visual indication of which camera is being controlled allows the operator to identify which camera the controller is about to manipulate.

Video Re-streaming

Efficiently disseminate ISR streams across the network with the MaCE video re-stream capability. Video re-streaming allows redistribution of video sources back into the network in a different form. The re-streaming feature supports UDP Unicast and Multicast protocols.

Connect to Unicast video cameras and re-stream as Multicast to disseminate vital imagery information in a network efficient manner. Likewise, connect to a local Multicast video feed and re-stream as Unicast over bearers that do not support Multicast.

If two instances of MaCE are employed, the solution can create a Multicast to Unicast to Multicast bridge for efficient stream dissemination in complex network environments. Re-stream control remains with the local operator receiving the stream and cannot be remotely activated, ensuring total control lies with the users on the ground.

These new features and more have been implemented in the newly released MaCE v3.3. Contact us for a 30 day trial of the application, and see how it will integrate into your system.

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