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Autonomous Warrior 2018

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This year, we had the privilege of being involved in a Defence led exercise to examine the potential for autonomous systems to support Defence while operating in coastal environments. The focus was on control and integration of unmanned systems, with operational tasking efforts, innovative autonomous challenges and complex data integration.

We provided our integration services to multiple companies, including Silvertone with their Flamingo MK3 UAV, Ocius with their Bluebottle USV and Praesidium with their M.A.P.S UGV to provide them uninterrupted coverage throughout the Jervis Bay area and the ability to participate in the Autonomous Warrior exercise. With our Wave Relay MPU5, MaCE application and network integration skills, we allowed UAVs, USVs and UGVs to be controlled remotely up to 12km away, with multiple live video feeds and minimal latency back to the controller.

Alongside this, a member of the CISTECH Solutions team took one of our Wave Relay MPU5 radios down into the Jervis Bay waters for a dive, and successfully watched a live video feed from the Silvertone Flamingo MK3 on a Samsung S7 attached to his vest while 6.8m underwater. This provided him Situational Awareness of what was happening above the water, without having to raise his head.

Below, you can find a video of one of Silvertone's missions, recorded through our command and control application MaCE.

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