The world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable tactical mesh networking radio is here — and it works with any smartphone.

goTenna devices, when paired with your phone, allows you to create your own signal. You can send text messages and share GPS locations without any cell reception required. goTenna devices create a mesh network that automatically and privately relay your data through other goTenna devices, extending your range far beyond a point-to-point range. The more devices in your network, the stronger your communications.



Gotenna Pro

goTenna Pro has redefined off-grid communications, using multi-hop mesh networking protocols. With a point-to-point range which is measured in kilometers, this self-healing, self-defined network requires no setup and will ensure resilient and reliable communication, even through the most difficult terrains.


goTenna Pro Deployment Kit

In one single carry-on sized case, you can transport, charge and maintain up to 30 goTenna Pro units, as well as deploy apps in an offline environment and host tactical servers. Weighing only 11.34kg, your organization can rest knowing that its comms will be ready to go when they need it the most.



This lightweight, sleek device connects with your smart phone and will connect you as you venture off the grid. goTenna Mesg allows you to send for help if you're in trouble, share GPS locations, and stay connected with your group in remote areas. No more international plans, just use goTenna to stay connected with your travel mates. Use goTenna Mesh to create a Mobile Ad-Hoc Communication Network for use during emergencies, when there is no mobile service available.