An application and authentication server solution for up to 30 goTennas, in a package the size and weight of a briefcase.

Deploy apps offline; host tactical servers; transport, charge, and maintain up to 30 goTenna Pro units in one place.

All of this delivered in a form factor weighing in at less than 25 pounds (11.34 kg), which means it can be transported by a single person and easily fit everywhere, including commercial aircraft overhead bins.

With the goTenna Pro Deployment Kit, your organization can rest assured it has ready-to-go comms at a moment’s notice.

Key Features

  • Wirelessly install any app to your iOS and Android devices completely off-grid.

  • Integrated 64-bit 1.5GHz Ubuntu Linus computer can support any local tactical server needs.

  • Charge, transport, and automatically execute radio software updates.

  • Automatically syncs with the goTenna Pro Management Portal to ensure all software is up-to-date over wifi.

  • Built-in rechargeable power for over 30 full charges of goTenna Pro devices.

  • Accepts A/C and auxiliary external power sources for operation and long-term storage.

  • 7-inch touchscreen display enables intuitive and rapid operation.

  • Designed to fulfill commercial airline carry-on requirements.

  • Secure and transport devices in a MILSPEC Pelican case.

  • No special training or installation needed.