Charge all your batteries twice as fast with one low-cost, rugged and intelligent solution

The ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger (ABC) is the intelligent, lightweight, portable battery charger built to stand up to the ruggedness and flexibility required in expeditionary operations.

We call it the “Adaptive Battery Charger” because it can draw power from any source and charge different types of batteries at the same time – and with its intelligent power management system, no special programming or configuring is required either – it automatically evaluates the source of power and adjusts charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time. The ABC-812 also prioritizes charging, so that the battery with the highest level of charge is topped-up first – enabling the user to get back in operation as soon as possible with at least one fully charged battery.

Our unique cutting-edge combination of ultra-high efficiency power conversion, intelligent battery management, and energy harvesting technology results in a unit that is smaller in size, lighter in weight and lower in cost than other field-ready battery chargers.

The ABC also comes in a rugged, impact-resistant, waterproof case to ensure reliable operation in austere expeditionary environments – as proven in successful deployments with US and NATO units.



  • Battery Bays

    • 4 Universal (accept up to 2 batteries per bay)

  • USB Ports

    • 4 Ports, up to 5A (compatible with iPad and other large devices)

  • Input

    • 0-5VDC at 20A

  • Dimensions

    • 50.5 × 40.0 × 18.8 cm (H×W×D)

  • Weight

    • 4.5 kg

  • Operating Temperature

    • -20 to 55°C


  • BB-2590/-390/-2800/

  • BB-2600/-2557

  • AN/PRQ-7 (CSEL) Battery

  • AN/PRC-148 Battery

  • AN/PRC-152 Battery

  • AN/PRC-153 Battery

  • Commercial AA/-C/-D size

  • SkyRanger and Raven UAV batteries

  • iRobot UGV battery

  • SnapOn and DeWalt commercial tool batteries